technical ceramic solutions

  • Ceramics Processing

    Producing engineering ceramics is divided in several individual production steps, each of them having various possibilities of processing. Through combination of these ways of processing, combined with using different ra…

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  • Metallization Processing

    Innovacera offers precision metallized ceramic components for the military, medical, electrical and aerospace industries. Through spray, needle, and brush coatings or screen printing our capabilities allow us to metalliz…

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  • Capabilities

    Innovacera specializes in high tolerance ceramic machining, grinding and polishing of unfired (‘green’) and fired ceramics.

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  • High Temperature Ceramics

    Innovacera offers a complete line of kiln furniture, kiln components and accessories, everything from dense to low mass products to meet every application need.

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    High Temperature Ceramics
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As a manufacturer of technical ceramic products, Innovacera main business is produce metallization ceramics and ceramics components as customer request.

Innovacera offer you a wide range of production facilities like extrusion, injection moulding, pressing and casting. Depending on product geometry and quantities, we will choose the suitable technique for your products.

For the final finishing of the parts we use CNC machining centres, equipped with diamond tools in order to meet high accuracies.

Ceramic materials offer unprecedented possibilities for many industries, especially when products and components with extreme material properties are required. ceramic material including Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Boron Carbide, Silicon Nitride and Boron Nitride. Learn more →

  • Metallized Ceramics

    Metallized Ceramics

    Innovacera supplies precision metallized ceramic components in aluminum oxide ceramics for the military, medical, and aerospace industries.

  • Ceramic Components

    Ceramic Components

    Innovacera develops and manufactures products made of technical ceramics for customer-specific applications.

  • Zirconia Ceramics

    Zirconia Ceramics

    zirconia ceramics materials provide excellent erosion, corrosion and abrasion resistance along with temperature resistance, fracture toughness and strength.

  • Alumina Ceramic Heater

    Alumina Ceramic Heater

    Alumina Ceramic Heaters are produced by implementing unique metallization and ceramic lamination processes. Due to the advanced manufacturing techniques utilized in the electric element