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Ceramic Laser Reflector for Pump Chamber

Ceramic Laser Reflector for Pump Chamber

High purity porous alumina ceramic of 99% Al2O3 content, used extensively for long-life laser reflectors. This material is sintered at high temperatures to achieve a controlled porosity.

Prime Features
 Surfaces can be sealed and coated with a solarization-resistant glaze to give high bulk refectivity
 97% reflectance efficiency at 600-1000nm
 Reflectance efficiency exceeds 95% across the wavelength range 400-1200nm (see curve)
 Controlled porosity
 Good thermal conductivity
 High electrical resistivity

Physical properties
 Color: White
 Bulk density (fired), Mg/m3 :3.1
 Porosity (apparent), % nominal :22
 Flexural strength (ASTM C1161, 3-point), MPa :170
 Thermal expansion coefficient
200-500C, 10-6/C 7.9
200-1000C, 10-6/C 9.0

Typical Applications
 Pumping chambers for flash lamp and continuous wave lasers using media such as Nd:YAG lasers,
Alexendrite — low to high power, single or multiple lamp designs used for welding, cutting, marking and in medical lasers.
 Layered and segmented pumping chambers for diode pumped lasers
 Intense Pulse Light (IPL) applications for cosmetic surgery

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