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Innovacera developed Ceramic Fluid Metering Pumps for Filling Machine

Innovacera is a professional supplier of technical ceramic components, has long-term cooperation in the research of ceramic materials with professors or researchers from universities and institutes in China.Innovacera was highly pround to announce that a new ceramic pump, named as valveless ceramic piston pump, has been approved by our customer testing.


Innovacera ceramic pump has a liquid non-polluting, high precision, long service life…

  • Pharmaceutical, food cosmetic industry’s highest hygiene and health standards.
  • Inert chemical stability, acid, corrosion resistance, high temperature.
  • Hard and wear-resistant, particle release is extremely small, long service life.
  • Dense material, non water absorption, high surface treatment and low friction
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient, precise sealing and filling accuracy, achieve cleaning and sterilization online.


  • No valves to clog, hang up or service.
  • One moving part – the piston.
  • Accuracy better than ±0.5%.
  • Positive displacement up to 7 bar.
  • Viscosity independent.
  • Corrosion resistant wetted parts
  • Instantly reversible.
  • Large range of drives.


  • Medical Equipment
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Pilot Plants
  • Environment Pollution Control
  • Precision Cleaning
  • Automotive
  • Food & Dairy
  • Spraying Systems
  • Cosmetic & Hygiene
  • R & D Laboratories etc

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