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KEMET Offers Dielectric Technologies

KEMET, a provider of high performance capacitance solutions, has added C0G and Ultra-Stable X8R dielectric technologies to its flexible termination (FT-CAP) portfolio. These technologies are RoHS compliant and lead-free and are suitable for a wide range of applications that require effective and reliable performance.

Electronic parts are frequently subjected to severe vibration and flexing when they are utilized in different automotive and other harsh applications. In addition, mishandling during assembly of circuit boards may expose these parts to extreme flex and mechanical stresses. Under these conditions, the flexible termination technology from KEMET has proven to be a successful solution in reducing the damage risk to the multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC).

Dr. Abhijit Gurav, VP of Ceramic Technology at KEMET, stated that the C0G-type capacitors integrated with flexible termination technology deliver high performance and excellent capacitance stability of about 125ºC. They help meet the need for highly robust technologies in audio, power supply, mobile communications, telecom and automotive applications. Gurav added that the Ultra-Stable X8R-type capacitors from KEMET is ideal for high temperature applications and they decrease flex cracks that may be created under extreme board flex situations associated with handling, assembly and harsh environment up to 150°C.

The Ultra-Stable X8R delivers temperature capability similar to conventional X8R, but with no capacitance loss because of applied DC voltage. The device is an ideal alternative to higher capacitance and larger footprint solutions that do not offer capacitance stability.