technical ceramic solutions

The suitable design ceramic heater for your heating management system!

Do you require ceramic heater/heating elements for normal applications, such as for ignition or hot air generation for Biomass Burner?

Or are you looking for a tailor-made solution for laboratory equipment or special machines?

High temperature ceramic heating elements from Innovacera are the suitable choice for you!

Our heating elements prove their value where normal heating cartridges have long since failed: In the temperature range above 800°C.

Alumina Ceramics-heating elements with system:

1).Maximum element temperature: 900°C in permanent and alternating operation, for a short time up to 1,200°C

2).Just a few seconds heating up time (depending on the component geometry)

3).Controllable throughout the entire temperature range

4).Electrically fully insulated from the inside and outside

5).High load-bearing capacity (thermal shock resistance, cycles)

6).Extremely oxidation and corrosion-resistant

We offer you high quality heating elements from our standard product range:

Tube-shaped heating elements;

Performance data: 120 – 350W, 1,000°C, 230Vac or 120Vac

Rod-shaped heaters; performance data: 50W, 1,000°C, 12-120V

Rod-shaped micro-heaters; performance data: 20W, 1,000°C, 6-12V

Flat heating elements up to max.800°C

We can do ceramic heating element according to your design.


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