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CoorsTek Inc Introduces High-Performance Aluminum Nitride(AlN) Ceramic Substrates

The largest supplier of ceramic substrates for decades, CoorsTek Inc expands product line to include high-heat-dissipation aluminum nitride(AlN) ceramics substrates.

February 12, 2013 – Golden, Colorado – CoorsTek Inc, the world’s largest technical ceramics manufacturer, today announced introduction of aluminum nitride substrates. Ideal for the rapidly growing LED market and other markets where high heat dissipation is useful, these ceramic substrates boast a thermal conductivity of 170 W/m.K.

CoorsTek AlN (aluminum nitride) ceramic substrates feature a very high dielectric strength, are a non-toxic alternative to BeO (beryllium oxide), and exhibit a thermal expansion coefficient similar to Si, GaN, and GaAs semiconductors.

“While we already offer an extensive line of ceramic substrates, our new high-performance aluminum nitride substrates cover high heat dissipation applications,” says Andrew Golike, Electronics General Manager for CoorsTek,Inc. “We’ve ramped our production and finishing services to ensure an on-timedelivery for our customers,” he continues.